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 Hello to all our fellow Mu community sincerely from all of our JustMu team!


You have made it ! Congratulations ! You have finally found the server you have been looking for for years now ... We started playing mu when the top tier set for dk was the Red Dragon set, remember that ? Well, game has come a long way since them, as do we. 


We can show you a better, improved Mu Online, a true play 2 win experience.


We are a group of mu developers that got tired of working for people that was used to paying us very litle
to do all of the work, then getting all the money for themselves and then closing or abandoning the server leaving the players behind. Since we are also old time mu players, we felt really bad when that happened and sadly, we had no choice.


So we group up and decided to start a server of our own with a new perspective of never scamming, never leaving
the server to die, never getting p2p, never doing anything corrupted, we just wanna develop, have an amazing happy
community and overall , create and maintain the best server out there.


Check our Info tab for more information about the server, check our Facebook page if you wanna look at some media content, comment or just chat with us, join our Discord server so we can all talk together... We want this experience to be what an rpg is supoused to be, a social experience.


We hope you are as excited as us to have finally come this far and be able to finally play on a stable, honest, caring, server. Were we can just have fun, make friends and more !


Join us this September the 4th ! There will be a surprise Bonus for new players during our first 2 weeks after launching.

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